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Youth Programming

Ages 3-5: Little Foragers Forest School on Madeline Island

children climbing tree

A new program to Madeline Island in May 2024! Based on the Forest School model children will experience a variety of activities that will inspire exploration, cooperation, creative thinking, and problem solving. While "unstructured," a weekly theme is used to drive focus and exploration. Little Foragers partners with the Madeline Island Library to provide scholarship funding for tuition for island families. Please consider reaching out to the Madeline Island Public Library  to lower your program costs.  

Donations lower the cost for families and provide essential gear for outdoor immersion students. To donate, visit our scholarship program page.  

Ages 4 and up: Paddling Lake Superior and Water Safety 

children kayaking on Lake Superior

In partnership with the Madeline Island Library's Summer Recreation Program, Youth participate in a series of summer programs on Lake Superior out of Big Bay Town Park that focus on age specific paddle and stroke methods with emphasis on water safety, weather, and navigation. Students ages 4 to 10 will paddleboard and students ages 10 and up will kayak in either a solo or tandem sea kayaks based on their experience and skill level. 

Why Outdoor Education?

children walking across bridge at Big Bay Town Park

Outdoor education is filled with lifelong learning opportunities. Students learn the foundations to outdoor learning using field guides and simple tools while immersed in their local and regional ecosystem.


Unstructured play is the educational concept of allowing children the freedom to explore, create and discover without predetermined rules or guidelines. Children take turns, learn to listen and share, develop imaginary scenarios and make decisions together. Nature-based play promotes growth in large motor, fine motor, social emotional, and creativity during imaginative play.

All programs utilize the local community and environment as the starting point to teach concepts in science, mathematics, art, and many other subjects.

Interested in programming? Have a question about foraging?
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