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Mushroom Foraging Hike 

Learn about how to ethically and sustainably harvest mushrooms on Madeline Island. Build awareness about upper midwest weather patterns, phenology, habitat, and safe harvesting techniques. Gain skills on how to store, preserve and prepare your harvested mushrooms. Finding mushrooms is not guaranteed. Let Samantha customize a hike for you on Madeline Island and start your planning!


Individual- $25 per hour*
Small Group- $100 per hour (up to 5 people, all ages)

Large Group- $200 per hour (6-10 people, all ages)

*Average hike is 1.5-2 hours

Possible locations and options:
  • Personal private property (5 acres of mixed forest, located 3 miles from ferry landing)
    Excellent location for for complete privacy, tucked in the woods on Madeline Island, this mixed forest provides an excellent location for a wide variety of mushrooms and wild edibles through the summer and autumn seasons. 

  • Madeline Island Wilderness Preserve (multiple locations and trailheads on island)

    • Capser Trail is an excellent option for those wanting to stick close to town. A gentle hike and accessible trail, this option welcomes all abilities. This trail is specifically good during early June for oyster mushrooms and late summer for lobster mushrooms, among many more but specifically these. 

    • North End Trails are great for those staying and lodging on the north end of the island. These less traveled trails provide a more intimate experience in the woods, where hikers will likely not see anyone else while on the trail. An array of mushrooms and wild edibles grow in these woods and it is not uncommon to oyster, chicken of the woods, hen of the woods, chanterelles, black trumpets, chaga, lions mane, reishi, and many many more. ​

  • YOUR BACKYARD! June through early October, I am offering an educational hike purely designed for someone who wants to learn more about their own backyard and what it can provide for them. Spend some time exploring your property and finding ideal habitats for potential mushroom species. Educational walks can happen anytime- mushrooms do not need to be present for you to learn about the potential in your backyard. Certain mushrooms grow in certain habitats at certain times of the year under certain conditions. It’s a delicate balance and art to learn. Walks will often cover your type of habitat, and forest succession, weather patterns and when to look, and what to do and how to identify a mushroom when you find it. Walks end with suggestions on how to preserve and use your mushrooms fresh and through the winter. Location: only Madeline Island.

Oyster mushroom on popple

Mushroom Hike
Early Season Foraging

Capser Trail

June 15, 2024


Mushroom love. #chanterelles #boletes #porcini #blacktrumpets #hornofplenty #forage #winte

Walk & Dinner

Fundraiser for

Little Foragers Forest School

TBD, 2024

Proceeds go towards Scholarship Program

Boletus edulis._Delicious._._#porcini #bolete #forage #wildfoodlove.jpg

Mushroom Hike

Early Fall Foraging

School House Trailhead

Aug 31, 2024


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